Here is a list of the illustrated lectures and talks I have delivered to date:

Velázquez and the Cinema, December 2006, National Gallery, London; September 2016, London Film School.

Rouben Mamoulian: An Illustrated Introduction, December 2008, BFI Southbank

From Chartres to Xanadu: Orson Welles and the Metaphor of Architecture, November 2009, BFI Southbank; June 2016, National Film and Television School.

The Long Goodbye: Death and the Cinema, January 2011, BFI Southbank; June 2016, London Film School

The Dude Abides… Observations on Jeff Bridges, June 2011, BFI Southbank

Two or Three Things I Know About Carl Dreyer, February 2012, BFI Southbank; September 2016, National Film and Television School

Werner Herzog – and the Transformation of the World into Film, June 2013, BFI Southbank

A Serious Man, a Modern World: Buster Keaton and the Cinema of Today, January 2014, BFI Southbank

Moving Pictures, Still Lives: Death in Painting and Cinema, March 2014, National Gallery, London

Dance First, Think Later: Great Dance Scenes in Non-Dance Films, July 2014, BFI Southbank

A Sad an’ Beautiful World: Jim Jarmusch in Context, September 2014, BFI Southbank

The Heart Has Its Reasons: The Life’s Work of Eric Rohmer, January 2015, BFI Southbank

Out of the Shadows: The Strange Affair of Robert Siodmak, April 2015, BFI Southbank

The Cinema of Abderrahmane Sissako: A Brief Introduction, June 2015, BFI Southbank

Rosebud and the Giant Trainset: The Extraordinary Cinema of Orson Welles, July 2015, BFI Southbank

What Is This Thing Called Love? Romance and Reality in the Movies, November 2015, BFI Southbank

The New Romanian Cinema: A Critic’s Perspective, June 2016, BFI Southbank

Notes on the Iranian Cinema, June 2016, National Film and Television School

Stanley Kubrick: An Introduction, August 2016, BFI Southbank

Death, Doubt and Desire: the Cinema of Ingmar Bergman, September 2016, National Film and Television School

Abbas Kiarostami’s 10, September 2016, London Film School